On purpose

In 2008 I finished my apprenticeship and I needed to get away. I had a testing 3.5 years and although I had learnt a lot about hair, the industry, people and myself, I was ready to get away and escape my life once again. I bought a one-way ticket and set off to explore the world. I flew into Singapore, headed to KL, Indonesia and after staying there for just over a week with my younger sisters partners mum drinking black Russian cocktails and reading books most days, I set off to live in Italy. I arrived in Reggio Calabria right down the south of Italy where I was greeted by my family I had never met and started to live the Italian life. There were so many nights where we stayed up until 3am in the piazza laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company. I drank coffee, ate lots of pasta and sunbaked while I learnt the Italian language with my tiny dictionary. After living in Italy for 3 months I was full of carbs, wanted to finally speak to someone who spoke English and was ready for the next part of my trip. I then set off and started my Contiki tour. I had the time of my life meeting new people, creating new connections and literally living my best life.

As I arrived on the bus we were told to introduce ourselves and explain what we had been up to before we got onto the tour. I explained I was a hairdresser and I used this as an opportunity to run a business in the 21 days I was on tour. I explained that male’s haircuts were 10 Euro and women’s cuts were 20 Euro, I then made enough money in cuts to pay for all of my night out and my drinks out. I had so much fun; I had the time of my life travelling around, partying and having fun. After my Contiki tour I headed to Canada where I lived with a family that I had met the year before on a family holiday in Italy. They took me on a road trip to America where I spent my new years with Carmen Electra live on the TV to New York while I was in Vegas, partying and exploring. After New Years we then travelled to their holiday house in Phoenix where they taught me how to drive a manual in their Ferrari. I then ended up spending Christmas on the slopes where I learnt how to snowboard for the first time. I had no attachments, no job and just a zest for life and new experiences.

As time went by I started to miss home a lot. I missed my family, my friends and the routine and structure that life involved. After travelling for a little longer and a little thought I had made the decision to go back to start my life for real. I had the desire to get back into hair again and really set myself up for the future. There had been many times that hair had almost like this trance and pull over me because of the creative side to it and the feeling I got of connection and the relationships I had made from it. I then again got to the point where I needed an opportunity to reassess my life and what I wanted, the exact feeling I got after my apprenticeship.

I remember about 2 weeks deep into my apprenticeship where I was sitting in the back room with 3 other girls who I worked with and I asked them with so much enthusiasm being young and new to the industry, “do you just want to do this forever?” Every one of their answers were the same, “hell no.” I remember thinking to myself, why are you all here then? To me this was it, this was the career move that would alter and predict the rest of my life. I loved it, I thrived on learning and I loved the hard work and dedication behind the trade that was involved.

I wanted to make a difference, I wanted people to feel loved, heard and beautiful all while they were siting in my chair. It was fun, I felt like I was socializing every day and most of the time I felt like I wasn’t at work when I got taken away by the day and completely enthralled with what my job was all about. Looking back now I knew that what I was doing was something I was going to be doing for years to come. I wondered to myself how I could make a difference on scale and that’s when I had my epiphany.

After 15 years in the industry working 50+ hour weeks, training my team and also my clients in the chair, I knew all the knowledge I had accumulated had to be put to use and shared with the world. I gathered all my knowledge and all the most common factors I had found over the years of my hairdressing career and created something for women to be able to feel good not only in the chair but every day at home. It is by far the only thing a woman would need to look and feel good 24 hours a day 7 days a week by giving them the opportunity to take their hairdresser home and experience a life where hair will never be an issue again. All my knowledge of the trade has been placed into a tight little package to satisfy all your hair needs. My healthy hair secrets package is something that will be talked about for years to come and will make you wonder how you never lived without it before.



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Melissa Bode

Melissa Bode

Part owner and creator of the brand BODE. I will share with you ALL things hair while you dive into the life of a salon owner and the hairdressing world.